Sunday, July 10, 2016

My First Buzz-in at Buzzaria

My First Buzz-in at Buzzaria

My intention of visiting Buzzaria was to start interning here. The moment I stepped inside the store, two things attacked my senses- the soothing fragrance and a vivid array of products.                   

Everywhere I looked, I could see unique merchandise in such a varied palette of hues that I was left asking for more! I had a hard time deciding which place inside the shop I should first give my attention to. A little way into the shop and I was greeted by the very warm and sociable Mamta Ma'am. Her warm smile and easy countenance instantly put me at ease. Over a cup of coffee, me and my sister discussed at length with her about what work we could do at Buzzaria, though I had by then deduced that 'work' at Buzzaria would be more of play than work. 

After a hearty conversation which really put me at ease about interning here, I started a short tour of the shop. From trendy apparel, indegenous Indian crafts, kitschy junk jewellery to comfy cushions and stylish bags, the ground floor was a welcome change from the rather dull and drab luxury products one gets to see nowadays. I was very satisfied with the positive atmosphere all this colour and creativity created in the shop. My amazement, however, did not cease to stop here as I was welcomed to the basement level of the two-floor shop. This floor housed more of lifestyle products and the rest was filled with jewellery. Among the sea of extraordinary designs, what caught my fantasy was a kaleidoscopic array of fairy light bottle lamps that created a magic glow on the shelf. This floor was also decked up with ├╝ber cute and amusing toys made from wood to cloth to even coconut string! 


By this time, I had little time to explore more so I had to convince myself to satisfy my curiosity for the next day when I was to start my internship.
On the whole, I returned home very pleased with the knowledge that I would start contributing my efforts into making this positive haven of ingenuity a hopefully better place.

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