Monday, July 11, 2016

A Conversation to Remember

A Conversation to Remember

Today, I had the opportunity to have a rather fun chat with Mamta Ma'am's niece, Sakshi, who has done Jewellery Designing and frequents Buzzaria quite often. A few excerpts from the chat are below...
What is the first thing that struck you the first time you stepped into Buzzaria? 
>That it is very colourful and whimsical just like Aladin's cave where you keep finding a trinket here or something there while exploring. It is like Pandora's box and its a visual treat whenever I am here.

What do you feel about the social cause Mamta Ma'am has been working towards by tying up with NGOs and the underprivileged society? 
> She has been very passionate about this cause since I have known her as a little girl. She has always been helpful towards artisans, craftspersons and supporting workers working for her. This is a quality which has been inherent in her since always, it is something that comes straight from her heart.

Do you come to Buzzaria often?
> I live in Jaipur and yes I do often drop by whenever I'm in Delhi.

What would you like to say about the jewellery Buzzaria offers? 
> Jewellery is an integral part of my life. I have done Jewellery Designing and been to many jewellery shops but what attracts me to Buzzaria is that it offers everything from rustic and junk jewellery to classic and statement pieces and that too at all price points.

Have you made any purchases here?
> Tons. I've bought about 8 shawls from here, though I confess to not being a shawl lover per se. I just love the fabrics and prints of the shawls, not to mention that they do not burn a hole in my pocket. I also love to buy jewellery from here.


What is the best thing about Buzzaria? 
> That it is a happy place and has good vibes. Just looking at all the sweet and whimsical things around the store makes one happy.

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