Monday, July 11, 2016

Buzzaria- A Positive Haven

Buzzaria- A Positive Haven

At a glance, Buzzaria might seem like any other fashion and lifestyle retail store, but is in fact as distinctive as it can get. This is so because Buzzaria gives Indian start-up brands a platform to come out into the market and showcase their talents to the world. Not only this, but many NGOs and under-privileged groups from across the country have tied up with Buzzaria to make a mark in the design world. This atmosphere, where women have been trained, empowered and encouraged to earn a living, is more than what I could have asked for in a work environment. I was convinced that an organization that works for such noble causes will help imbibe such values in me and facilitate my growth as a human being.

What cannot go unnoticeable in this store is the joy and enthusiasm with which the staff works in order to make Buzzaria better each day. I feel that this happens naturally because of the humane way Mamta Ma’am has been interating with them, always keeping them on the go with frivolous rebukes but at the same time being patient and understanding. The result is hard-working and content people in a store that is already so full of life due to the myriad of colours that it houses.  Buzzaria stores not only upcycled and eco-friendly products serving a necessary social purpose, but also makes sure that they cater to every age group and people with every fashion and lifestyle need. This indeed makes it difficult for any visitor to leave the shop empty-handed.

I have also seen how Buzzaria treats its customers and the one word that pops up into my mind when I see their interaction is ‘homely’. Indeed, from the moment a customer walks into the shop, he/she is kept entertained with showing them around the place and informing them about the rich Indian culture associated with each product, all that is customary for a store to do. What sets Buzzaria apart is the fact that the customers are kept comfortable and someone or the other can be seen cracking jokes and engaging in small chats with the customers that leave them feeling happier and in a fresh mood. Mamta Ma’am ensures to have a personal interaction with every customer that walks in and just by seeing her cheerful face, lots of customers are unintentionally coaxed into picking up something! Noone leaves Buzzaria without a smile!


 All this creates a perfect atmosphere of positivity which is unmistakable in the smiling faces of the staff and customers alike. Buzzaria is just the place to head out to if you are tired of seeing inexclusive products and want to quench your thirst for quirky fashion and lifestyle products and that too in a homely and positive environment.

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