Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Buzzaria Dukaan feature in Zee Business for #BuzzariaLaunchPad

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Monday, July 11, 2016

A Conversation to Remember

A Conversation to Remember

Today, I had the opportunity to have a rather fun chat with Mamta Ma'am's niece, Sakshi, who has done Jewellery Designing and frequents Buzzaria quite often. A few excerpts from the chat are below...
What is the first thing that struck you the first time you stepped into Buzzaria? 
>That it is very colourful and whimsical just like Aladin's cave where you keep finding a trinket here or something there while exploring. It is like Pandora's box and its a visual treat whenever I am here.

What do you feel about the social cause Mamta Ma'am has been working towards by tying up with NGOs and the underprivileged society? 
> She has been very passionate about this cause since I have known her as a little girl. She has always been helpful towards artisans, craftspersons and supporting workers working for her. This is a quality which has been inherent in her since always, it is something that comes straight from her heart.

Do you come to Buzzaria often?
> I live in Jaipur and yes I do often drop by whenever I'm in Delhi.

What would you like to say about the jewellery Buzzaria offers? 
> Jewellery is an integral part of my life. I have done Jewellery Designing and been to many jewellery shops but what attracts me to Buzzaria is that it offers everything from rustic and junk jewellery to classic and statement pieces and that too at all price points.

Have you made any purchases here?
> Tons. I've bought about 8 shawls from here, though I confess to not being a shawl lover per se. I just love the fabrics and prints of the shawls, not to mention that they do not burn a hole in my pocket. I also love to buy jewellery from here.


What is the best thing about Buzzaria? 
> That it is a happy place and has good vibes. Just looking at all the sweet and whimsical things around the store makes one happy.

Buzzaria- A Positive Haven

Buzzaria- A Positive Haven

At a glance, Buzzaria might seem like any other fashion and lifestyle retail store, but is in fact as distinctive as it can get. This is so because Buzzaria gives Indian start-up brands a platform to come out into the market and showcase their talents to the world. Not only this, but many NGOs and under-privileged groups from across the country have tied up with Buzzaria to make a mark in the design world. This atmosphere, where women have been trained, empowered and encouraged to earn a living, is more than what I could have asked for in a work environment. I was convinced that an organization that works for such noble causes will help imbibe such values in me and facilitate my growth as a human being.

What cannot go unnoticeable in this store is the joy and enthusiasm with which the staff works in order to make Buzzaria better each day. I feel that this happens naturally because of the humane way Mamta Ma’am has been interating with them, always keeping them on the go with frivolous rebukes but at the same time being patient and understanding. The result is hard-working and content people in a store that is already so full of life due to the myriad of colours that it houses.  Buzzaria stores not only upcycled and eco-friendly products serving a necessary social purpose, but also makes sure that they cater to every age group and people with every fashion and lifestyle need. This indeed makes it difficult for any visitor to leave the shop empty-handed.

I have also seen how Buzzaria treats its customers and the one word that pops up into my mind when I see their interaction is ‘homely’. Indeed, from the moment a customer walks into the shop, he/she is kept entertained with showing them around the place and informing them about the rich Indian culture associated with each product, all that is customary for a store to do. What sets Buzzaria apart is the fact that the customers are kept comfortable and someone or the other can be seen cracking jokes and engaging in small chats with the customers that leave them feeling happier and in a fresh mood. Mamta Ma’am ensures to have a personal interaction with every customer that walks in and just by seeing her cheerful face, lots of customers are unintentionally coaxed into picking up something! Noone leaves Buzzaria without a smile!


 All this creates a perfect atmosphere of positivity which is unmistakable in the smiling faces of the staff and customers alike. Buzzaria is just the place to head out to if you are tired of seeing inexclusive products and want to quench your thirst for quirky fashion and lifestyle products and that too in a homely and positive environment.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My First Buzz-in at Buzzaria

My First Buzz-in at Buzzaria

My intention of visiting Buzzaria was to start interning here. The moment I stepped inside the store, two things attacked my senses- the soothing fragrance and a vivid array of products.                   

Everywhere I looked, I could see unique merchandise in such a varied palette of hues that I was left asking for more! I had a hard time deciding which place inside the shop I should first give my attention to. A little way into the shop and I was greeted by the very warm and sociable Mamta Ma'am. Her warm smile and easy countenance instantly put me at ease. Over a cup of coffee, me and my sister discussed at length with her about what work we could do at Buzzaria, though I had by then deduced that 'work' at Buzzaria would be more of play than work. 

After a hearty conversation which really put me at ease about interning here, I started a short tour of the shop. From trendy apparel, indegenous Indian crafts, kitschy junk jewellery to comfy cushions and stylish bags, the ground floor was a welcome change from the rather dull and drab luxury products one gets to see nowadays. I was very satisfied with the positive atmosphere all this colour and creativity created in the shop. My amazement, however, did not cease to stop here as I was welcomed to the basement level of the two-floor shop. This floor housed more of lifestyle products and the rest was filled with jewellery. Among the sea of extraordinary designs, what caught my fantasy was a kaleidoscopic array of fairy light bottle lamps that created a magic glow on the shelf. This floor was also decked up with ├╝ber cute and amusing toys made from wood to cloth to even coconut string! 


By this time, I had little time to explore more so I had to convince myself to satisfy my curiosity for the next day when I was to start my internship.
On the whole, I returned home very pleased with the knowledge that I would start contributing my efforts into making this positive haven of ingenuity a hopefully better place.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Madly-in-Verse: Truth's a hymn : For Amarjeet and Gayatri

Madly-in-Verse: Truth's a hymn : For Amarjeet and Gayatri

Check out the post by Nilanjana Bose.Dedicated to Amar and Gayatri,they won a contest.

A contest called Pay it Forward.

To know more about the contest visit the Buzzaria page on FaceBook.

Thank you Nilanjana,we are eternally grateful.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baisakhi Bazaar at Club Patio by Pitaara and BuzzouQ

The eve rather the night of 13th April 2013, I walked into Club Patio at South City 1 Gurgaon.
Pitaara and BuzzouQ had collaborated and created Baisakhi Bazaar.The club has turned into my second home over the last six months.It makes me feel good,the guard is always smiling and Suruchi is always on her feet.You must go over to Club Patio for yourself and confirm what I am saying :) And before you go looking for Suruchi she is the one who does the deal making,just kidding ...actually doing my best to r remember her post....I am one of those who never knows who is who :).She heads sales and marketing,hope I got that right.

Anyway back to our Bazaar...i walked up couple of steps and saw a brightly lit and colourful glass,me was truly delighted,looked good.

I had arrived as a chief guest :) at 9.00 p.m not intentionally just one of those un planned delays....just like the un planned baby :)) this article seems to be bringing out the wicked side of me.

So back on track the Bazaar...i wanted to meet the participants,check out the goodies and do some I was hurrying.

Enroute I met Manish Sinha proud owner of Tikdam and cinnamon stays with all his beautiful bar art with him....he was sad it had turned windy so he packed up...a quick conversation ensured he had got a promising business lead...first event an official launch for Tikdam...nice :)

A walk around the space and conversation with many of the women entrepreneurs who were there I discovered loads of happy women.

One said Ma'am Thank you for inviting me and sharing this wonderful platform with me...we had met recently at I Inspire....she had these most awesome hand painted Ganpati's.

The one right next to her Venita with her organic line ...was happy she had stepped out and brought her work to people and opportunity to understand the market at a very low cost...she was happy her father had come to see and fussed around her...made me happy.

Another pretty lady named Sapna she has been with us at BuzzouQ earlier was glowing and reminded me that she had new collection of kids dohar's...and had been looking for me..I have a niece whom I am happy to buy the world for :) and I obviously went show and she happily announced Oh only one piece left super man rest all sold out...WOW :)

Met Meenu another of our BuzzouQ participants and she was emphatic in saying Club Patio works for me.

Walking along I came across some amazing Salwar kameez though not my size ....great opportunity for someone to encash on :)

And then I met Monica accompanied by the pretty Gayatri Singh...always a delight to meet her.So beautiful in her Saris.Monica came to me for mentoring and stocking with Buzzaria and is honing her skills in marketing and understanding the market for her beautiful outfits.

Saw the wonderful photo booth...spoke to some other participants....went to grab some food and did I do some grabbing :) the joke became me :) a plate of food flew in my direction and so for few minutes we were all part of comedy guys loads of free entertainment too:) we just couldn't stop laughing.

And then I discovered some elephant poo stuff and I was amazed and I asked did people recognise the products and the NGO Sarthak went yes :) they did I said wow and went on to tell them who I am and they looked at me and said Oh Ma'am we were just wondering how will we ever reach you and Voila there i was in front of them :) ways of the universe :).Ma'am we want to sell via were exchanged :) more B2B was in place...I was soon too find out.

A lady just appeared and quietly asked me can I get your 5 minutes...I was like sure,she continued,Ma'am I know you are very busy,I have come all the way from Aligarh,can i speak to you....I want to get my tarot reading done first...sure we will talk over coffee.

BuzzouQ is a platform created for entrepreneurs,creating an access to the market,for all of us to tweak our products and our marketing.BuzzouQ is the event arm of Blue Lotus....and you can call it sister brand of Buzzaria.

Pitaara created by Shephali Kasliwal...let me tell awesome women/mom entrepreneur....I am grateful to Suruchi for our collaboration. Shephali has been on her toes and you could say fingers to ensure the success of this event....hats off to her work and I bow to her tireless energy.God Bless...she also has her own brand by the name of knotty angels and had created Pitaara for other's just like her.

Back to the lady post tarot across a cup of coffee,asked for an appointment to show me her cushion covers which she wanted to stock at Buzzaria and she wanted design mentoring too...with a promise to meet her later this week...thank god though we decided on a later date not knowing I had the flu...and would have cancelled appointment...and she must have asked me 6 times I won't forget her :) and I promised her 6 times I won't :) she once again said its important for me to get this right and I once again assured her I am with her.

Meanwhile I kept bumping into a short lady dressed in cream and black carrying loads of shopping bags...on introduction...Oh you are the one who owns Buzzaria know the first BuzzouQ I bought an Aloe Vera gel from you it was the best ever...felt good...we carry 50000 odd products and Aloe Vera gel is one of the products.

I must profusely thank Priyanka Arora she handles all BuzzouQ work...she is a work from home mother.

Arushi Awasthi for her creatives.

The Blue Lotus interns - Arav, Aneesh,Prathvee.

Pooja Rajgaria -who pitched in at the last minute as our team did so want to put up Buzzaria stall and some of our team members were occupied at American Embassy and Pragati Maidan and Lado Sarai.

Pooja is in love with Buzzaria...thank you Pooja...she has in the past been with the brand Holii and worked with craft council of Bengal.

And Shephali - Thank you for the beautiful marketing and the collaboration.

And Club Patio and especially Suruchi ...though we do have some resolvable issues with operations :) something to do with tents which fly :) seriously tents and not flying carpets :)

On the eve of Baisakhi we all had fun and loads of happy faces and I shouldn't end this note without mentioning Kashish Sharma our very own tarot reader...a born gypsy :)

......and my driver Rohit who ensures that our entire team is fed and dropped home in one piece :)))

and all the others who contributed by taking up stalls and buying and promoting and supporting and doing workshops and of course creating excitement....

What a Buzz !!! The Baisakhi Buzz

C ya Soon we are BuzzoQing very soon.....
Stay Connected....and stay Informed
......With April Blessings

Mamta Mamta
15th April 2013

Baisakhi Creatives which wern't used
These were used :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

BuzzouQ Go Green at Rendezvous Gurgaon

 Go Green Event at Rendezvous is an opportunity for all to connect to The Green World

BuzzouQ is a Hip and Happening New Age Buzzaria Bazaar. Designed and created in collaboration with an event,a theme,a purpose,supports women entrepreneurs and start ups.
A unit/brand of Blue Lotus

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013

Blue Lotus is 26 months old and our brands age between 26 months and 4 weeks and couple of them still waiting to arrive on planet earth.

BluPear  being the oldest and Chhottu Buzz being the youngest and Buzzaria being somewhere in the middle.

As most start ups important point,not all start ups most start ups one sees numerous amounts of working challenges.

Finance normally tops the list,closely followed by the people your organization is about,and nudging the other two and moving them of their place is logistics,distribution and the govt do's and don'ts...I am clubbing the three of them as they are capable of shaking any organization from top to bottom.

2012 saw us reeling too,we kept getting back into the saddle :) though a lot bruised and a bit battered :)
We continued with our goals kept on with our focus and declared we are made of a metal which is superior and tough :) time for Clang Clan to take birth.One of our new brands its all about glass and metal,too very extremes by nature,one fragile and one hard as a nail.

Life is many times just like Clang Clan and so is our behavior and our emotions:) I am sure all of us can relate to this without my giving a detailed description.

So,here we are saying a hello and a welcome with all of you to 2013....and sharing what we want to remember of 2012 in 2013

Chhottu Buzz- The birth of a new format of retail for us at Blue Lotus

Clang Clan- All about glass and metal

BuzzouQ - an event a bazaar rather a curated bazaar for one and all

BuzzPort -Supportive services 

MabrouQ...All about Arabic Clothing

Much Love
Mamta Mamta

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend Buzzaria at ATS Noida Sept 2012

Moushumi arrived at Buzzaria,the day of the inauguration,brought in by Aarti and that was my first connect with her.Couple of weeks later we were again talking this time with the thought of her doing a Weekend Buzzaria at her home in ATS Noida.She would get Aarti to talk on her behalf.She was hesitant and nervous and unsure of most things.Her twinkling eyes which I am now used to were filed with concern in those days.
A year later Moushumi has come into her own.Wow :) I love it,each time I see the transformation.The empowered women is a delight to watch.

Her 4th Weekend Buzzaria is around the corner and she is confident and excited.In the last few months she took Buzzaria on the Move to Goa and was with us at  The Indian Market Place we created at Diwane Khas, Taj Delhi, the two BuzzouQ's and the Fashion Make Over by Social Potpourri at Buzzaria.

All the above events have allowed her to connect to her skill sets,the journey into learning social media has allowed this stay at home mom to add a new dimension to her learning curve.

I am so proud of her and now she is guiding Priyanka another stay at home Mom,Priyanka has a small baby and a 90 year old grandmother to look after.

Each time I see my work as THE Entrepreneur Alchemist create soul starts to sing.
Moushumi keep it up,your journey has just begun and you have far to go.I am so happy for you :)

For all those this attached invite is the next Weekend Buzzaria she is setting attend :)

Me - Mamta Mamta :)

GodBless Candles and Blessings
Nuteez Shorts
Nuteez Gal's
Arushi modelling for Nuteez - I am Wild :)

BluPear at it's best
Kashish and BluPear :) Footwear that make your feet Happy :)

Buzzaria ...Need I say More...

Kashish and Free Spirited ( loads of connect with the brand name )


Handmade Toys filled with Love ( machine washable)

Twisty Pads by 61C

Kashish and Roses and so much more

Soap Really!!! By Nourish

Hand Painted Paisley's

Coffee Caper by The Elephant Company

Sippers by The Elephant Company

Recycled - Tyre sling Bag by Green the Gap

Quirk Box Floor Lamps

I Pad Covers 

OWLS so beautiful by HandsOn...and my mascot :)

Gayatri's collectibles The Hip and happening COW :)

Crow - A delight for many( too many in love with this stuff )

More hand painted stuff ( Art as accessories)
Coaster and More by Very Indian
Meri Jaan a hot favorite with all