Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend Buzzaria at ATS Noida Sept 2012

Moushumi arrived at Buzzaria,the day of the inauguration,brought in by Aarti and that was my first connect with her.Couple of weeks later we were again talking this time with the thought of her doing a Weekend Buzzaria at her home in ATS Noida.She would get Aarti to talk on her behalf.She was hesitant and nervous and unsure of most things.Her twinkling eyes which I am now used to were filed with concern in those days.
A year later Moushumi has come into her own.Wow :) I love it,each time I see the transformation.The empowered women is a delight to watch.

Her 4th Weekend Buzzaria is around the corner and she is confident and excited.In the last few months she took Buzzaria on the Move to Goa and was with us at  The Indian Market Place we created at Diwane Khas, Taj Delhi, the two BuzzouQ's and the Fashion Make Over by Social Potpourri at Buzzaria.

All the above events have allowed her to connect to her skill sets,the journey into learning social media has allowed this stay at home mom to add a new dimension to her learning curve.

I am so proud of her and now she is guiding Priyanka another stay at home Mom,Priyanka has a small baby and a 90 year old grandmother to look after.

Each time I see my work as THE Entrepreneur Alchemist create soul starts to sing.
Moushumi keep it up,your journey has just begun and you have far to go.I am so happy for you :)

For all those this attached invite is the next Weekend Buzzaria she is setting attend :)

Me - Mamta Mamta :)

GodBless Candles and Blessings
Nuteez Shorts
Nuteez Gal's
Arushi modelling for Nuteez - I am Wild :)

BluPear at it's best
Kashish and BluPear :) Footwear that make your feet Happy :)

Buzzaria ...Need I say More...

Kashish and Free Spirited ( loads of connect with the brand name )


Handmade Toys filled with Love ( machine washable)

Twisty Pads by 61C

Kashish and Roses and so much more

Soap Really!!! By Nourish

Hand Painted Paisley's

Coffee Caper by The Elephant Company

Sippers by The Elephant Company

Recycled - Tyre sling Bag by Green the Gap

Quirk Box Floor Lamps

I Pad Covers 

OWLS so beautiful by HandsOn...and my mascot :)

Gayatri's collectibles The Hip and happening COW :)

Crow - A delight for many( too many in love with this stuff )

More hand painted stuff ( Art as accessories)
Coaster and More by Very Indian
Meri Jaan a hot favorite with all

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