Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buzzaria on The Move @GOAFEST

A new experience -A new City - A new Festival
Buzzaria on the Move is off to the GoaFest.Taking the store and creating a marketplace or a Bazaar is always very exciting.
Yet with every such decision comes in loads of logistic coordination.
Security,Inter State,Local Conveyence,Billing,Cash,Credit Card Machine...all these words and many more take over my life....and one little voice keeps saying FUNDS....u need lots and I always reply ...they will arrive :)
Each time for two minutes in a day I do wonder what am I doing :)
Then I remember my passion to get what Buzzaria is out to people to share with them experience,the excitment,the fun,the awesome merchandize we carry,the dreams of so many brands and designers.
And,then I say the world out there is huge :) and this is just the 5th city :) We have been to Jaipur,Mumbai,Pune and of course in Delhi and now Goa.
My Buzzing Angels as I call my team....are all excited and already in the trains and the plane :)
And I continue to wait for that email and phone call...where is Buzzaria on the Move headed next :)))

For all those who have helped us over the last few months to get going....Bless You ALL :))
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  1. Best wishes Mamta..God Bless u and your endeavours :-)


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    1. Thanks Sumit:) for reading and connecting.
      Hope to find more of your tribe on the planet earth.
      God Bless