Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Fun by BluPear at Buzzaria

 Way back in 2004,one summer afternoon I was with my two sisters and driving in and around the various streets....and I happen to glance upon the most beautiful looking chappals.

I thought about these chappals day and night and I knew I was smitten for life,till then I kind of thought all my love was wrapped up with fabric,textiles,garments...what did I know about myself :) practically nothing.

I started selling these beautiful chappals to people in general...then I was in Mumbai...I of course bought some 10 of them for myself.
And everyone who came over would look at my assortment of color and smile and giggle.I didn't care.
A year of wearing and selling them I found the quality awesome,my feet didn't hurt,my feet looked pretty,and they could give any pair a run for its money.
Smug with the success of the chappals I became complacent.
And suddenly I was invited to participate in a fashion show in Dubai,this was March 2005,I designed 5 collections all for the Arab women.
As I had only a week to design the entire collection I was very flustered and suddenly via email arrived the size of their feet.Now I just sat there staring at the the email,I was lost,completely lost...what was I to do.
And suddenly these Indian Ethnic slippers winked at me:) and they were saying...HEY...we are here.
Arab fashion my Indian chappals those to flats on the ramp,I was really worried.

Voila! The chappals were a rage everyone bought them,the models the customers,the organizers.
One time I sold 75 pairs to one family they took them as gifts.
At some point in 2006 I co created Tribal Route and took these chappals with me...they were a huge hit with all the TR customers.
Life continued with the chappals part of my life :)
.....and then I moved to Delhi in 2009...people asked me about my chappals,I said some day...may be...lets see..

I was in one of those low phases of my life,and even my most happening chappals wouldn't make me happy :)
Then arrived Pratibha Mehra and said lets do something opportunity to supply the chappals to a mega store came up...we branded,we bought we did all that is required ... didn't work out.

Finally I created Blue Lotus and all the desires of last 10 years came pouring out.
The first brand I created was BluPear
I love the BluPear chappals,they are so pretty,they make my customers very happy,they are comfortable and one can stand on one's feet for the entire day without getting tired.
The chappals are priced between Rs 500 and Rs 1000/- and clearly value for money.
They are hand made and part of the cottage industries.The embroidery is done by rural crafts persons.
Our little step to creating sustainable income for all...via a BluPear pair.

We invite you this week to try out a pair and tell us if like me you are also a BluPear fan for life :)

I am and I am told by most that I have damn good taste :)

So visit us this week at Buzzaria and be part of the BluPear family.....and if you happen to be the lucky BluPear Gal...your feet will get a special treat at Mantra - The Vedic Spa

Looking forward to connecting with your HAPPY FEET !!
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