Sunday, September 9, 2012

Real women Achiever’s – by Falguni Patel

Real women Achiever’s – Mamta Mamta

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”
– Les Brown
It was 3.5 years back when I had taken a sabbatical to think, explore and contemplate on what I wanted to really do. I am true to my zodiac sign Gemini and change is what makes me the Happiest. Curiosity to explore made me venture into Fashion and retail segment. Coming from a humble service class background, it was a big jump for me to start a start-up of my own. But I did that. Little did I know then that it was perceived to be a courageous and risky take. I am happy I did that. I have learnt a lot in last 3.5 years of my entrepreneurial journey. So it really impresses me a lot when I meet such inspiring women from across the country who did similar things.
I always have been very fascinated by how women can multitask and carry jobs so efficiently.To deal with the work world and at the same time strike a balance between family duties is what amazes me. With the whole idea of emphasising and highlighting such women, I started this blog series of Real women and street style. We took you through some stylish women in this series. This is a separate extension of the real women series which focuses more on entrepreneurial spirit and achievements. So we call it “Real women achievers” series.
I met Mamta Mamta through the same virtual platform and I am glad I interacted with her. Miles away , through telecommunication also you could feel the enthusiasm and positivity bursting from her. She is a retailer , designer , entrepreneur , mentor and a fabulously positive person. So let me take you through her life journey

Name : Mamta Mamta

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