Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Brand new You

 I connected with Sulekha at the Weekend Buzzaria in Noida the one at Aabha's place....this was July last year.
In Sulekha's words she just felt she could pour her heart out to me...I was then a complete stranger...God Bless Sulekha and others like her who speak straight from the heart.
She spoke about
I heard :) and The Entrepreneur Alchemist part of me said connect with me once you have launched the site.
Sept 2011 A petite Kriti entered my store followed by the cutest little daughter and informed me that she is the other half of social potpourri :) I said the same thing again connect once ready.
Time flew and we entered 2012 one day the duo found me and said now what.
Our journey began,with no marketing budgets and 2 brand new entrepreneurs :) and a start up in the space where....loads of big players are playing and one which we all love which we warmly call FB :).
Couple of months later we are racing about spreading awareness,pinpointing differentiators,connecting,selling,creating,etc.
Most of you who are entrepreneurs I am sure...get the picture :) We are breathing and eating social potpourri.
We chose to organize off line events,this involves lot of work...yet as I have attended over 200 networking events agreed that this was brilliant.
We have so far organized 4 in New Delhi and the 5th one is this Friday and I who many call the queen of networking,was sitting and pondering what is so special about this network.
And,I must share what I found just like Buzzaria potpourri is also very personal,like your family.
Your space,your voice,you can be heard,and you can be seen...without having to raise your voice.
What did Buzzaria get for connecting with social potpourri....loads of buying customers :) simply awesome.
A brand new product rather a brand new brand :) 40 Winks by Aakshat Sinha
What did Buzzaria on the Move get...2 awesome volunteers for GoaFest...Thanks Mayank and Olivia
What did I get...I got loads of new friends :) lots of interesting conversation and a long time FB friend and I finally met...lovely meeting you Nikita...God Bless( Now Nikita had visited Buzzaria on 2 occasions but we never got to meet )
And I got to know about Tea House and spend an awesome evening at my favourite Cheese Chaplin...and came across a very interesting bed n breakfast place in SDA and met my dear friend Aarti twice ...Oh you must see what Aarti does besides selling her digital photographs from Buzzaria she helps you self publish
We also spent a mad evening sharing stories about colors and the special outfit of our lives.

Now all this .... in just 4 networking events....simply wow...and all at no cost,other then my time.
I am impressed ....maha impressed :)

And now together we have cooked up A Brand New You

I am in love with

The Entrepreneur Alchemist is smitten....
And Buzzaria says a huge thank you.

See you all there :) And in social potpourri's words Be there or Be Left Out actually it is Join Us or Be Left out...I am twisting it for my blog post :)
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  1. I knew networking (offline meetups is an integral part of Social Potpourri) but that it would create such a mammoth personality of its own was something I never realized! Thank you for this wonderful post! Like my online status usually says - SP is taking me places and introducing me to a world I never knew existed. SP breathes and is breathing a new life into me.

  2. Talking of making friends and life-time contacts...
    Somewhere I feel it was destined that we meet. I am somewhat spiritually inclined- actually so much that I end up offending some too! So when I look at some of the twists in the last few years, it seems it was spinning to make the two of us meet.

    At last we did and how? Some memories those I have made will remain closest to my heart. If it wasn't for you, this won't have ever happened. You might humbly choose to say you are the media; to me, YOU-HAVE-BEEN!

    A word of Thank You is too little when I just lived a life in those few stolen days... But that's just what my limited mind-scape would say. If someday... or the day I write about it, you Mamta, would remain that godmother fairy sparkling that magic glitters all over me with her wand, clearing the last of the inhibitions out of me :)

    Warm Hugs my Dear xoxoxo