Thursday, March 22, 2012

A visit to Buzzaria - Story to be told

I had created this event on FB,thinking I will choose 3 stories to share,each story coming forward is so beautiful,that I cannot choose,so turning them over to all of you,to read,comment and decide.
I love them all :)
A Visit to Buzzaria-Story to be Told 

We are celebrating 180 days of existence :)
with a contest ........

When we visit a Place it creates Memories in our Mind. Those memories we access to feel happiness in terms of what pleased us, the colors we saw, what we bought, the experiences we had with people, the drive that it took us to get there...The fruitfulness of it all. A memory that we associate with the Place.....We want all of You to access your Memory Banks & tell US your experiences of your Visit to Buzzaria :)

The 3 Best versed experiences will get posted on our Blog

The Most Liked Story will get a goody bag of vouchers from 5 of the 40 brands at Buzzaria
Creating A story is using one's imagination & reminiscing a Fairy Tale...that would depict what your Visit Meant to U :) & in the Process to US...We are Eager to Hear Your Story
Sent the post via email to
Max words 400
The Buzzing Angels @Buzzaria

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