Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sulekha's words :)

Sharing the first post for the contest A visit to Buzzaria- A story to be told
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In Sulekha's words....

I am an amateur psychic; I sense things and sometimes see visions too. One fine day I found myself at Buzzaria on the move, Noida. Something compelled me to seek out this unfamiliar place, it called out to me. I didn't understand the pull, but I just knew that I Had to visit this enigmatic and exotic place called Buzzaria.   Normally, a practical, logical person, I didn't understand this urgency to be at this place I had just heard about.
The moment I walked into the place, I felt a sense of peace, of homecoming. The smiling hostess reaffirmed my faith in my instincts; I knew I was at the right place. I was in the presence of kindred spirits, I could hear them whispering, welcome friend. I was offered a cool lemon drink to quench my thirst and a warm smile which spread from the lips to the eyes.
As I looked around, I saw bright splashes of colours all around. I breathed in the smell of pure joy, dreams and felt the positive vibes. I touched the multicoloured skits, felt the texture of the elegant kurtis, and feasted my eyes on the exotic tribal jewellery. The healing paintings were a charm and I wanted to take them all home. After admiring the multicoloured juttis and chappals at the store, I stopped at the healing crystals counter; this was where I had been called to. The bracelet I picked up turned out to be a chakra balancing bracelet, I couldn't put it down.
The place was a visual feast; I tried on a cream kurti with bright floral cuffs and collar. A blue and white stole begged to be wrapped around my neck. While I was shopping, a voice kept urging me to share my dream with the lovely ladies present there. I introduced myself and told them about my future plans and they didn't find it strange that someone they had never met before was baring her soul to them.
I lingered for a while, after paying for my purchases. My feet refused to listen to my head and stayed firmly put. The warmth and the camaraderie at Buzzaria captivated me and broke down the usually solid and protective walls around my logical mind and heart. The connect I felt was reciprocated, and after spending an unashamedly long time conversing with the talented ladies present there, who were now my friends, I went home reluctantly.

Sulekha Rawat


  1. Sulekha that is absolutely completely fuzzy..It warmed my heart & twinkled my eyes. Thank U for sharing your wonderful story.

  2. Thanks, Recherche. I have put my thoughts down without filtering them :) It is a beautiful place, great collection and good vibes.