Thursday, March 22, 2012

Story No.2 -A visit to Buzzaria -A story to be told by Kriti

Touch, feel and even a smell, go much beyond this physical world. Why else would a certain whiff make you shut your eyes and reminisce in memory; gaud in details of a particular time and place; move you away from the present to the ethereal? There is a particular smell that I associate with every country, city or town.
Buzzaria affects the visual sense. It is a bombardment of colors that uplift! Uplifted you move around to pick up an item or two, study it, keep it back or buy it. During all of this, somehow there is a want to connect with the people of the place. A need to associate with the creators of the products there – a feeling that says - “this is good for me!”
That lane in Lado Sarai may have a thousand different things that could be explored, but the signage of Buzzaria attracts one like a magnet and true to its magnetic nature – it does not make it easy for you to leave. One realizes that the budgeted time for Lado Sarai was completely hijacked by this one place!
The store was referred to me by a dear friend, and I went there to get some of those healing bracelets they stock. There was a huge demand for the same in my family since they saw it on my friends’ wrist. And so I went to buy those bracelets. I came back with those, a couple of stuff to add to my wardrobe and guess what more – a business associate!! Go figure…  Shopping spree I think not!! It turned out to be more of a value-add to my life, a lesson that I need to learn and the result of which I await.
All said and done that feeling has not left me – “this is good for me” – the inner voice resonates! “This is good for me” I repeat! 

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