Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Journey of Blue

My adventure with the computer began in 1997 and right then I came up with the name BlueTree google search brought out that it is a real tree existing in Canada.
Many years later actually in 2005 I again searched and found 100's of companies called BlueTree,I am sure many existed before 1997,but at that time didn't have a web presence.
Over the years what people name their organizations and brands etc has fascinated me big time at one time I came up with 22 different names for concept retail stores.

My blog was called MumbaiCalling and then I moved to Delhi..and changed the that time Blue Pebbles is what I connected too.

When I was wondering what to call my business I was very very confused...I love coming up with names...and for everything have 20-50 options..I was doing Landmark then and shared my fascination about Blue as someone there was called Blue Consulting and they went on to talk about Blue Ocean Strategy
Have you heard of it.......something from Wikipedia for you
In the book the authors draw the attention of their readers towards the correlation of success stories across industries and the formulation of strategies that provide a solid base create unconventional success — a strategy termed as “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Unlike the “Red Ocean Strategy”, the conventional approach to business of beating competition derived from the military organization, the “Blue Ocean Strategy” tries to align innovation with utility, price and cost positions. The book mocks at the phenomena of conventional choice between product/service differentiation and lower cost, but rather suggests that both differentiation and lower costs are achievable simultaneously.

I do not believe the competition has to be destroyed and love the blue Ocean Strategy...during the time of Kutir..competition did use Red Ocean Strategy.
For me I have to excel for myself not to be above my competitors.
Awesome stuff

And then the guys who were doing Landmark Forum with me said Blue represents intelligence.I was clear my business would have Blue in it.

 Blue symbolism associates blue with freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies are emblematic of optimism and better opportunities. Blue is the color of loyalty and faith. Blue is power. Blue is also the color of protection. Blue symbolism is nearly universal in meaning. As a result, blue is used in national flags and symbols around the world, including the flag of the United Nations.

I was debating over various names starting with Blue....when we discovered the :- ( as mentioned in my first blog post rest was history)

 While in conversation with my logo designer BluPear got born the pun being the hindi of foot is paer..... pronunciation very similar to pear. BluPear is our brand for Indian Ethnic Footwear
My other brand name do not have blue in it but I am partial to blue and to lotus and all ancient cultures :)
I love them all...and very crazy about the Egyptian culture:)

Blue Ocean Strategy is a business strategy book first published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of The Blue Ocean Strategy Institute at INSEAD. The book illustrates what the authors believe is the high growth and profits an organization can generate by creating new demand.............

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  1. Brilliantly Written.....Very Appropriate & Apt...
    Read the Blue Ocean Strategy as well....

    Would like to understand the below better??
    1) Value Innovation — the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost
    2) The eliminate-reduce-raise-create grid.

    Will have to read & re-read.....for grasping the strategy better but tremendously interesting.....

    Thanx a Lot for sharing.....The windows of mind open to more knowledge....