Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blue Lotus -The Name

What a tough time...phew!!! Deciding the name of the business,drove me mad,I thought I had lost it.I had rejected Blue Lotus even though I loved it as it was widely used.I was sad and whatever I liked some body or the other didn't like it,even though it was my business,but names are soooooooooo very important.
Finally a dear darling friend said isn't it important that you use a name you love,rather then worrying about it being common and not available in the .com era :) So that night I shared my predicament with my little sister and she did Google search and came up with a beautiful site on Blue Lotus.....I was sold for good:)
Wow I loved the color Blue and what it stood for and I loved Lotus,you guys have to read what this site is so wow and so very special.



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