Wednesday, February 23, 2011


IamRa is the 2nd brand of Blue Lotus. With this Brand we are Connecting to & Experiencing the Power of Gems, Crystals & the World of Healing.

"I am the Creative Power" or "I am the Creator" both these statements are represented in IamRa. The Statement IamRa symbolizes for us & for you to believe that we have the Supreme Power & Creativity to pave the way to our own Supremacy. Be Like the Sun.....Be the Sun....Say....IamRA.

Here's a little story from the Ancient Times.....

To the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made the sun deity very important and the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created. All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of them into existence by speaking their secret names. Alternatively humans were created from Ra's tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra. The sun disk was either seen as the body or eye of Ra.

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